PCP 207: 7 2021 Church Predictions

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As we end 2020, we are making predictions on what Church in 2021 will be like. From what type of churches will grow in 2021 to what will look different.

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Here are the seven 2021 church predictions we share in this episode:

  • Many churches will almost get back to pre-COVID numbers, but most of the new numbers will be from new people and not from people returning
  • Churches will see more engagement in their small groups than their Sunday gatherings
  • Churches that invest in their livestream will see the most physical growth
  • You will not see many new families with young children visit your church until the fall of 2021
  • Churches that lack an outward community focus will continue to see a decline in giving
  • House churches will become more popular than they are now
  • Smaller churches will see a higher percentage of growth than larger churches

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