PCP 188: 6 Tips For Creating a Compelling Vision For Your Church Plant

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You’ve been praying and dreaming about what your church could be and the impact it could have. But, you’re not sure how to get people on board with your mission or even how to best articulate it. In fact, you’re not even sure if you have a compelling vision for your church plant. If you can relate to any of this, you’ll want to check out today’s Practical Church Planting podcast episode.

In today’s episode, we share 6 tips for creating a compelling vision for your church plant. Don’t waste time wondering how to create a compelling vision when you can use these 6 tips and make one.

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Here are the 6 tips we discuss in this episode:

  • Don’t focus on statistics
  • Don’t focus on big dreams
  • Outline practical steps of how you will accomplish your mission
  • Share a story of a real person
  • Speak positively of other churches/what God is doing in your area
  • Give a clear next step at your meetings

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